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Jerramy Stevens arrested for punching bouncers

Jerramy Stevens, a former backup tight end for the Buccaneers, was arrested on Thursday in Tampa following a scuffle with two bouncers at a local bar. He was released after posting his $2,500 bond and is now facing a felony battery charge.

According to the police, Stevens became rowdy towards a couple of bouncers when he was asked to leave the bar around 8pm. Not wanting to leave, Stevens decided to punch two of them in the face. That clearly did more harm than good and just like his days in Tampa, he was quickly tackled to the ground until officers arrived. The outcome of the punches resulted in a possible broken jaw for one of the bouncers and just another tally for Stevens.

This arrest is Stevens’ fourth since being drafted back in 2002, with his previous one, a drug related charge, resulting in his release from the Buccaneers. Before that it was: second-degree assault with a deadly weapon, fourth degree assault, sexual assault, a DUI and several reckless driving charges. So basically Jerramy Stevens has spent more time behind bars than he has on the football field.

Somehow, though, all of these arrests have not seemed to dampen his spirit because he still managed to hold his head high while posing for his mug shot. Good for you, Mr. Stevens, don’t let the law bring you down!

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Jerramy Stevens busted for cannabis

Over the years, Jerramy Stevens mug shot photos have made their way onto the pages of newspapers and websites and after another incident, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers player was cheesing for another one.

Stevens, notorious for ending up in cuffs, was busted after police in a Tampa area pulled him over for playing loud music. After doing a search of the vehicle, they found 38 grams of cannabis tucked away inside.

Stevens was cuffed, booked and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia which counts for two felony charges and one misdemeanor charge for all of you keeping score at home.

Although this is Stevens first time being featured in our Jocks Behind Bars, it is hardly the first time he ever cheesed for a mugshot. In fact his legal troubles date back to 1998 when he was busted for second-degree assault with a deadly weapon and 4th-degree assault. Toss in the sexual assault arrest, three reckless driving charges including a hit-and-run on an old folks home and one “extreme DUI” and you get the clear picture of the guy.

With that laundry lists of arrests, don’t expect to see him model for the cover boy for the NFL role model poster.

At the age of 30, this backup tight end has probably seen his last days in a Bucs jersey and more than likely his last days in the NFL. With NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell cracking down on tweets and touchdown celebrations, one can only imagine what kind of discipline Stevens would get if he even is lucky enough to be accepted back by the league.

Lesson here. . . try not to set off a reading on the Richter scale with your boom box if you’re cruising out in public with a bag of weed.

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Geno Hayes arrested for disorderly conduct

Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Geno Hayes was arrested outside a night club around 2 am Monday morning for disorderly conduct and trespassing after a warning. He was released from the Hillsborough County Jail a few hours later after paying a $750 bond and will ‘be disciplined in house’, according to head coach Raheem Morris.

As stated in the police report, a belligerent and combative Hayes refused to exit the Blue Martini Lounge after being asked numerous times to leave, and was eventually shot with a stun gun and then tackled to the ground by an arresting officer.

Hayes became argumentative when two of his friends were denied entry back into the club following a dispute that occurred inside. When asked to leave, after his friends had exited, Hayes pushed a female officer, who was on duty at the bar, and began to make derogatory statements towards the woman and the security personnel. . . rookie mistake.

He was eventually taken outside by another officer and told not to return but decided to go back into the club about 10 minutes later, claiming that he had forgotten his credit card inside. . . another rookie mistake. This excuse didn’t fool the officer who informed the NFL player to stay outside. According to bar personnel on the scene, Hayes said “Bitch ass cop. You ain’t gonna do nothing. I ain’t leaving. I don’t have to leave.” Which, of course, provoked the cop and escalated the situation and led to an arrest.

In an attempt to restrain Hayes, the police officer fired a stun gun, but was unsuccessful due to the thickness of Hayes’ clothing so taking a play out of the Buccaneers playbook, he tackled him instead.

Once the former sixth round draft pick was on the ground, the cuffs were slapped on and he was taken to the county jail, where he cheesed for the mug shot shown above.

Hayes’ arrest is just the latest addition to the Bucs list of disciplinary problems this year. Before the season started, cornerback Aqib Talib was arrested for punching a cabbie and suspended until week two. In October, tight end Jerramy Stevens was busted for the possession of marijuana, and just last month wide receiver Mike Williams was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Expect some sort of disciplinary action to be handed down later this week by the Bucs and it may include some sort of anger management classes.

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Kevin Grady scores second DUI

Kevin Grady, a former running back for the Michigan Wolverines, was arrested and charged with a DUI at 10:24 pm on November 26th in Grandville, Michigan.

The former high school standout failed the breathalyzer test and blew nearly four times the legal limit with a 0.30 blood-alcohol level. Despite the evidence against him and the possibility of serving one year behind bars, this hardheaded fool has chosen to plead not guilty.

This marks the second strike for Grady as he has now been arrested twice for driving while drunk, both happening within two miles of each other. Clearly, consistency is not this young mans problem.

Back in 2008, he was arrested for operating under the influence and scored an impressive 0.24 on the breathalyzer test. Needless to say, this was far beyond the .08 limit and caused him to be suspended from the Wolverines team and seemingly marked the beginning of the end of his football career.

Once a highly touted high school recruit, Grady is now falling in the footsteps of such fallen stars as Reggie Rogers and Jerramy Stevens, who are more notorious for their off-the-field mishaps than their on-field contributions.

As a backup to Mike Hart for his first two years at Ann Arbor, Kevin Grady’s college career began to fizzle after undergoing season-ending surgery in 2007. The year after that he pled not guilty to drunk driving and the rest, as we like to say, is history.

Along with trying to justify blowing a 0.30, Grady also has to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings three times a week and somehow scrounge up the money for a lawyer. Which might not be as easy as it sounds because before he posted the $500 bond, Grady informed the police that he was unemployed.

Sadly, this story is like many we’ve heard before, but it just goes to show you that god-given talent does not outweigh stupidity. Look for this guy to change his mind when he sobers up and switch his position to guilty as he did with his first arrest.

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Mike Williams arrested in Tampa Bay

Mike Williams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie wide receiver, was arrested for suspicion of DUI early Friday morning. According to the records, Williams was driving 12 mph over the speed limit and swerving in and out of the lanes. He was arrested near Highway 301 at about 2:45 am and released after posting his $500 bail at 8:04 am.

The real kicker here is that even though Williams failed a field sobriety test and smelled of alcohol, he didn’t fail the breathalyzer test. Williams was tested twice and blew .065 and .061, making him well below the legal .08 limit. He did, however, take a urine test which is primarily used to determine if someone had something other than alcohol in their system. Luckily for Williams though, the results of that test can take up to about four months. So in other words, he lucked out.

With the right lawyer, Williams can fast track this trial, and therefore avoid any possible setback. Meaning that his urine results will more than likely not be able to be used against him and the likelihood of a court sentencing him solely because he failed a field sobriety test is lower than the Dolphins chance of making the Super Bowl. It also helps that he blew below the .08 limit, which is considered, by the state, as impairment.

As of early this morning, Mike Williams was said to still play this weekend and has not yet been punished by the Bucs. The team officials stated that they are waiting for all of the facts before they make a final call on Williams’ eligibility after their game against San Francisco this Sunday.

Williams, who is having a breakout year, leads all rookies in receiving yards and ranks second among rookies in receiving touchdowns. He is, by all means, a contender for Rookie of the Year. His 6-3 Bucs are tied for second place in the NFC South and are looking to make a playoff push for the first time since 2007. That is, of course, if they can keep out of trouble.

About a month ago, TE Jerramy Stevens was busted for the possession of marijuana, which ended up costing him his career with the team. A month before that, safety Tanard Jackson was suspended for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy.

Basically this whole team needs to wake up and realize that they are professionals and start acting like it. If Williams can walk away from this incident unharmed, then hopefully the Bucs can hold it together for the second half of the season and ride their rookie wide receiver into the playoffs. At this point, their biggest enemy is the law.

Check out Mike Williams actual police report here.

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Bucs’ Alex Magee charged with possession of marijuana

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Alex Magee was pulled over Monday afternoon and charged with possession of marijuana, along with having an expired car tag. He was issued a citation, and released after the officers jotted down his personal information.

According to the Tampa Police report, Magee was pulled over during a traffic stop when an officer noticed that Magee’s 2009 Black Dodge Charger had an expired tag. When the officer approached the vehicle, he detected a strong smell of marijuana emitting from the car and decided to do a quick vehicle search.

The officer was able to find a misdemeanor amount of marijuana, which, in the state of Florida, is anything less than 20 grams. Since Magee was only given a citation, we assume his stash was on the lower end of that amount. Recent history suggests that an arrest will be made if it is anything more than a few grams, especially when it belongs to a professional athlete.

Although Magee was able to walk away from this incident with basically a slap on the wrist, it could end up to be the turning point for the Bucs’ organization. Magee is the fourth member of the organization to be arrested since March and couple that with the numerous arrests during the season and you have yourself an undisciplined team with an increasingly bad reputation.

From assault charges to drug charges, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers certainly seem to have the law problems on lock down. Hopefully they can turn things around before things get really out of hand.

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