About Us

Jocks Behind Bars.com™ is a national online sports site that features a unique collection of mug shots and stories related to famous pro and college athletes, coaches, team execs and other members of sports organizations who have gotten investigated, busted, cuffed or cheesed for a mug shot.

This site features millionaires with guns, execs who couldn’t walk a straight line and athletes who are notorious for running dog-fighting rings.

Whether it’s Roger Clemens getting dragged in front of a court after “solemnly swearing”, Plaxico popping a cap in his own thigh or Big Ben Roethlisberger being named in an investigative police report you will find it all here on JocksBehindBars.com.

Say cheese!

Jocks Behind Bars©  also has a collection of mug shots from around the sports world including all your NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA favorites. We even threw in a few black-and-white classics like Marv Albert and everyone’s all-time favorite O.J. Simpson.

Under our police report section, look at the actual police documents and see who blew over twice the legal limit and who was accused of “walking out of a restroom with his penis out of his pants”.

So put your handcuffs away, plop your ass on the couch and start browsing around. Hope you enjoy the site.

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