Nai Fotu DUI (Arrest Video)

Utah Utes Linebacker Nai Fotu was arrested Sunday morning for driving under the influence of alcohol, having an open container in the vehicle, not having a valid drivers license and speeding. He was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail, and by the looks of his mugshot, he was pretty disappointed by the whole ordeal.

The 22-year-old senior was pulled over by a Utah Highway Patrol trooper around 2 a.m. when his vehicle was spotted speeding down the freeway… in the wrong direction.

After failing his field sobriety test, Fotu then blew an impressive .218 on the breathalyzer portion, which is nearly three times the legal limit and clearly enough to get him arrested.

The video below shows Fotu being questioned by the trooper, partaking in the walk-the-line test, and spreading it to be searched and cuffed.

Here is the mugshot and police report that went along with that arrest:


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