Lawrence Taylor arrested for sex crime

Lawrence Taylor, the NFL Hall of Fame linebacker made headlines again but unfortunately it’s related to cheesing for another mugshot. Taylor was arrested and charged with a sexual felony charge after this most recent incident that is said to have happened in a hotel room.

The 51-year-old Taylor who for years was a defensive standout for the New York Giants, was busted for an alleged statutory rape of a 16-year-old girl who may be a prostitute. The story unfolded with police in Rockland County, New York saying that Taylor dished out $300 to have sex with the runaway minor at a Holiday Inn.

Taylor who has appeared recently on “Dancing with the Stars” may have a difficult time dancing around this charge. If convicted of this felony he would be looking at a potential jail term of up to five years.

Shortly after it was reported that Taylor denied the charges, his attorney Arthur Aidala confirmed that to The New York Times on Thursday saying, “[Taylor’s] denying the whole thing. We’re going to fight these charges as hard as he fought when he was a linebacker for the New York Giants.”

Will this incident take down one of the grittiest players in the history of the NFL? Ifr so it may bring a new meaning to the ad campaign, “I stayed at a Holiday Inn Once.”

Taylor’s mug shot appears above.

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