Lions’ Tom Lewand arrested for DUI (VIDEO)

When blue lights went on with no Kmart “blue-light special” in sight, it proved to be a bad night for Tom Lewand. Here’s the police cam dash cam video of the sobriety test on his arrest night:

And here is the breathalyzer video when Lewand debated with the officer several minutes before getting the handcuffs slapped on him:

Lewand, the Detroit Lions President, became the latest member of Jock Behind Bars after he was arrested in Roscommon County, Michigan for suspected DUI.

After being yanked to the curb and going through the routine that cops do during bar sort of hours, Lewand, who police say had eyes that were “glossy and bloodshot” repeatedly denied he had consumed any alcohol. That’s not what the breathalyzer said, in fact after Lewand was given a ride to the station, he blew about double the legal limit.

Here is the Reader’s Digest version. According to the arresting officers, after hanging out at a nearby watering hole, Lewand drove really lousy, swerving over those yellow lines that are intended to keep us in our lanes and after getting pulled over he failed some of the field sobriety tests.

After seeing the actually video of the tests, if we were taking a poll, we might vote that Lewand was passing the tests with flying colors until he was asked to balance on one foot. After reciting the ABC’s up to the letter ‘S’ and counting forward and back, touching his nose, picking his ass and all that other stuff cops love to ask us to do hours after dark, he refused to take a breath test at the scene. When you listen to the arresting video, you hear one of the cops ask Lewand how much he had to drink and Lewand answers:

“Not a thing. No. No. I haven’t had a thing to drink in about a year and a half.”

Later he adds, “I’m happy to take whatever you want me to do, but review for me why I did not pass what you suggested I do.” After that remark a deputy offered Lewand two choices, blow in the tube or get busted. After refusing to blow the cuffs were thrown on and he went on one of those lonely trips to the slammer. Once there, Lewand decided to take the test and is said to have blown a blood-alcohol level of .21 and .20, more than 2 1/2 times the legal limit. The legal limit in Michigan is .08 so that justified the mugshot that was taken and shown on the right.

The actual arrest documents related to this case can be seen here under our Police Reports section.

Bob Hallauer, the owner of the Limberlost bar where Lewand had left minutes prior to being pulled over, didn’t sound like a huge fan of those cops in Roscommon. After hearing of the arrest, in an interview with the Detroit Free Press he said that Lewand “was the victim of overzealous cops trying to raise money by issuing tickets on M-55. Come on vacation, leave on probation — that’s what people say about Houghton Lake. The police wait for people to pull out of your parking lot and pounce on them.”

Roscommon County Sheriff Randall Stevenson defended his cops saying, “My officers do not sit on bars.”

Lewand later apologized to the NFL, Detroit fans and the team saying he takes full responsibility for his actions and that he was “a person in active recovery.”

As he does after the arrests of NFL players, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to come down on Lewand saying the NFL policies apply to players, coaches, execs and everyone in the organizations.

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