Ben Wallace mugshot and arrest

Ben Wallace arrested in Detroit area. Detroit Pistons center Ben Wallace was slapped with a five-year felony charge of carrying a concealed weapon after police discovered a handgun in a backpack in his car. The discovery occurred during Wallace’s arrest for suspicion of drunken driving in an area outside of Detroit called Bloomfield Township.

The 37-year-old Wallace was cruising in his 2007 Cadillac Escalade in the early morning hours when a police officer spotted the vehicle driving erratically. After the gun was found, Wallace told police the weapon belonged to his wife and was not loaded. Police reports indicated that Wallace does not possess a concealed-weapon permit.

The man known for sporting one of the game’s best afros, failed the field sobriety test and admitted he had consumed four beers at a club. According to reports, Wallace registered a 0.14 blood-alcohol level; well above the legal limit.

In all Big Ben faces a 93-day misdemeanor charge of drunken driving and a five-year felony charge of carrying the unloaded concealed weapon.

After posting his $5,000 bond, Wallace was released.

The bad news for Wallace is, his case has been assigned to District Court Judge Kimberly Small who many feel responds too harsh to first-time drunk driving offenders to the point of gaining national attention. Small is the “your honor” who sentenced ESPN analyst Jalen Rose behind bars for 20 days after his first ever DUI arrest.

The NBA is currently under a lockout during their CBA negotiating period so no comments were made by the Pistons or league.

Wallace joins Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera and Rose on the list of Detroit athletes arrested for DUI this calendar year.

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