Bernie Kosar mugshot and DUI arrest

CLEVELAND – Former Cleveland Browns QB Bernie Kosar was busted for suspicion of driving through the suburbs of Cleveland while hammered.

Police in a place called Solon, Ohio say Kosar was cuffed and brought in early Sunday morning after being pulled over to the curb for speeding at 2:45 a.m.

That’s when The Fuzz smelled a strong odor of alcohol and gave the pigskin slinger sobriety tests that he must have failed. Kosar was thrown behind bars, booked and later let loose after whatever his beverage of the night was had worn off.

Kosar, 49 years old, has been outspoken about the head injuries he sustained during his NFL career having affected his speech, making him slur his words.

So we’re thinking if he happened to greet the cop with a “Good evening ossifer Fife” type of line, the sluration could’ve been due to running into the Steelers freight train defensive line a few too many times.

ESPN reported that Kosar has also been addicted to pain medications, has gone through a divorce and had financial troubles; hardly the type of life you’d expect a successful NFL quarterback to have after leaving the field.

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