Broncos’ Perrish Cox arrested for sexual assault

Perrish Cox, a rookie cornerback for the Denver Broncos, was arrested on charges of sexual assault by the Lone Tree police around 10pm Thursday night.

Cox, who was drafted out of Oklahoma State, fell to the late rounds due to character concerns among many NFL teams, including the Broncos. Even though he was suspended from last year’s Cotton Bowl and arrested on charges of driving with a suspended license, he became a pure talent in the league and was a starter for the Broncos this season. Unfortunately, this latest incident with the law includes allegations that he didn’t follow the golden rule and keep his hands and possibly other body parts to himself.

According to the Lone Tree Police Department, Cox became a subject after they were notified of a sexual assault that occurred on Oct. 28th. Following a tedious investigation, the department was able to issue a warrant and arrest Cox without incident.

He made an appearance in court this morning before a Douglas County judge and was stamped with a $50,000 bond and ordered to make no contact with the alleged victim, whose identity has been protected by the court. After he makes bail, he will have the ability to travel with the team to out-of-state games, unless, of course, Roger Goodell comes down with a more harsh punishment.

Considering that Cox has had a troubled past and that Goodell is on a mission to discipline the league’s players, we may see a rather strict stance from the commissioner on this one. The team’s media relations director has stated that they “are aware of the reports and currently in the process of gathering information and reviewing the facts.”

So this is the type of welcome new head coach Eric Studesville gets. He can’t be too thrilled about starting off his head coaching career this way.

Following the normal protocol for our site, when the Perrish Cox mug shot becomes available, we will post it in our Mug Shot Gallery and add it to this article.

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