Bucs’ Alex Magee charged with possession of marijuana

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Alex Magee was pulled over Monday afternoon and charged with possession of marijuana, along with having an expired car tag. He was issued a citation, and released after the officers jotted down his personal information.

According to the Tampa Police report, Magee was pulled over during a traffic stop when an officer noticed that Magee’s 2009 Black Dodge Charger had an expired tag. When the officer approached the vehicle, he detected a strong smell of marijuana emitting from the car and decided to do a quick vehicle search.

The officer was able to find a misdemeanor amount of marijuana, which, in the state of Florida, is anything less than 20 grams. Since Magee was only given a citation, we assume his stash was on the lower end of that amount. Recent history suggests that an arrest will be made if it is anything more than a few grams, especially when it belongs to a professional athlete.

Although Magee was able to walk away from this incident with basically a slap on the wrist, it could end up to be the turning point for the Bucs’ organization. Magee is the fourth member of the organization to be arrested since March and couple that with the numerous arrests during the season and you have yourself an undisciplined team with an increasingly bad reputation.

From assault charges to drug charges, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers certainly seem to have the law problems on lock down. Hopefully they can turn things around before things get really out of hand.

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