Darius Morales arrested after bar fight

Darius Morales, an East Carolina University basketball player, was arrested in Orange County, Florida on Thursday and charged with third degree felony battery – inflicting great bodily harm.

He was booked into the local county jail around 4:00 a.m., where he posed shirtless for his mugshot, and placed under a $2,500 dollar bond.

According to the reports, Morales allegedly punched a man in the face after the two had gotten into an argument when Morales spotted the man dancing with his ex-girlfriend inside a bar.

By the time the officers arrived, the victim, Tyler Yoho, had already been taken to the hospital having suffered a large cut to his eye. After being identified by an eye-witness and Yoho himself, Morales was promptly arrested and taken into custody.

As of today, the university has not released a statement, but we expect one to come shortly.

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