Denny McLain arrested on warrant

Former Detroit Tigers pitcher Denny McLain was arrested Thursday in Port Huron, MI, on an outstanding warrant issued by the St. Charles Sheriff’s Department in Louisiana.

He was arraigned earlier today and released on $10,000 bond with an extradition hearing set for Oct. 4. The mugshot featured in this article is from a previous arrest.

McLain apparently became disoriented by construction around the Michigan/Canada border and ended up asking a customs officer if he could turn around before entering Canada. However, as is normal protocol when approaching the border, McLain’s ID was taken for inspection.

During their background check, it was discovered that McLain had an outstanding arrest warrant for not paying landowners money for scrap metal, as promised.

According to the report, McLain, along with several workers from his company, approached two landowners in Lousiana offering to buy some scrap metal they had on their property. After reaching an agreement, the landowners shipped McLain their scrap metal, but never received any money in return, except for an initial down payment. Investigators were brought onto the case, but were never able to reach a resolution with McLain, and thus, an arrest warrant was issued.

However, McLain’s lawyer insists that this “whole warrant and charge is really a mistake,” and that their intent is to “get this cleared up, hopefully, before we have to do the extradition hearing.”

Even if that does end up happening, this is not McLain’s first run-in with the law. Back in 1996, McLain and his business partner were convicted of embezzling $2.5 million from a pension fund and then laundering it. He was convicted and sentenced to eight years in prison and ordered to pay the same amount back in restitution to the fund. And in 2008, he was arrested in Livingston County, MI, for missing an earlier court hearing on a civil case.

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