Jerry Sandusky mugshot – A defeated pedophile

Jerry Sandusky mugshot portrays a defeated pedophile.

It took a jury pool less than two full days to find Jerry Sandusky, the world-famous slimy pedophile, guilty of 45 of the 48 charges related to preying on and sexually abusing innocent children as young as 10 years old.

The much-anticipated quick verdict confirmed to the public that our judicial system sometimes does work like a well-oiled machine and lead to taking one more pedophile off the streets. A pedophile who is sure to rot away and die behind bars.

Sentencing for Sandusky will take place prior to the end of September and many expect the book to be thrown at the former Penn Sate coach.

Now the lawsuits against PSU and possibly Sandusky’s Second Mile “charity” and rightfully so.

I don’t think we stand alone when we side with these victims taking Penn State to the cleaners. If only Joe-Pa were still around to see these victims, many of who were preyed upon after the former head coach failed to follow up on info he was given regarding Sandusky raping a young boy in the Penn State facility showers.

After Sandusky cheesed for the mug shot shown here, he was lead to an isolated small concrete cell where he will spend his time hiding from a prison full of convicts who are not fond of child molesters.

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