Kendrick Perkins arrested at nightclub

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kendrick Perkins was arrested in Beaumont, TX early Saturday morning and charged with public intoxication and misdemeanor disorderly conduct, stemming from an altercation at a nightclub.

He was taken to the Jefferson County jail around 4:00 a.m. and released minutes later after posting his $150 bond. As of right now, Kendrick Perkins’ mugshot is not available, but when it does become public, we will make sure to add it to this article.

According to the reports, Perkins arrived at the nightclub with a large group of friends, including fellow NBA player Stephen Jackson, and became so intoxicated that he threatened to start fighting some alleged “haters”. Police were called onto the scene after Perkins threatened the club manager, again offering up a fight.

By the time the officers arrived, Perkins had already been tossed out the back door by a crowd of people, and was in full-curse mode.

According to Sergeant Marc Levy, Perkins refused to leave the nightclub and “started cursing” as he became “his own worst enemy”. He did, however, eventually calm down and was arrested without resistance. And it does not appear that anyone was hurt in this whole ordeal.

Luckily for Perkins and the Thunder, this arrest is pretty minor and pretty much “like getting a ticket”, as Levy explained. One has to wonder, though, whether things would have turned out different had Perkins still been with the Celtics when this altercation went down. Whether you believe it or not, the big man lost some of his confidence and toughness after he was controversially traded from Boston to Oklahoma City this past season. So maybe that trade was a good move for him after all…

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