Lawrence Taylor pleads guilty to rape charges

Lawrence Taylor has pleaded guilty to soliciting a prostitute and having sex with a woman without consent. This plea bargain means that he will avoid time in jail, but will have to register as a sex offender and be under probation for six years. For a man looking at a felony rape charge and several years behind bars, this outcome is considered a victory.

LT was able to walk away from this fairly unharmed because of his willingness to work with the District Attorney involved in this case. Taylor never denied having sex with the underage prostitute, but believed that she was 19 years old when the incident happened. Since she was actually 16 at the time, she was not of the legal age to give consent, and therefore Taylor would have been found guilty had the case been taken any further.

Knowing that he had initiated sex and been identified by a DNA test, Taylor agreed to work alongside the D.A. to bring down the prostitute’s pimp in order to help out his own situation. This was likely advised to him by his legal team and clearly paid off in the long run since he will not be facing any time in prison.

Along with his probation, Taylor will also have to pay $1,300 in legal fees, but that is chump change considering what that total could have been had this case gone to trial.

According to several legal analysts, the level of sex offender that Taylor will be registered as will likely be the lowest. The levels range from 1-4, with the lowest meaning that Taylor would only have to report his address to the local police. His name and information would not be included on any website and he would not have to inform his neighbors of his status.

Even though it has to suck to be labeled as a sex offender, the first level doesn’t sound so bad. The less people know, the better in this case. Unfortunately for Taylor, he is a high profile athlete and everyone now knows what he has done. Hopefully he moves to some town where people don’t pay attention to sports.  Maybe he should look into Montana…

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