Manny Ramirez arrested for domestic battery

Former World Series MVP Manny Ramirez was arrested in Weston, Florida, earlier this evening and charged with domestic battery.

He was booked at the Broward Sheriff’s Office jail in Fort Lauderdale and currently remains in custody.

According to the police report, Ramirez  struck his wife with an open hand during an escalated domestic dispute, while the two were on their bed. His wife claims that the blow caused her to hit her head on the headboard, while Manny insists that she bumped her head on the headboard after he grabbed her by the shoulders and ‘shrugged’ her.

Despite his claims, the police determined that Manny was the primary aggressor and the official report notes red swelling was visible on the left side of his wife’s face, and that a contusion on the back of her head matched up with her story.

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