Matt Hardy arrested on drug charges

Former wrestling star Matt Hardy was arrested yesterday after police found 20 vials of anabolic steroids, one hit of Ecstasy and $1,961 in cash during a home raid last week.

He has been charged with possessing a controlled substance with intent to sell or deliver, possessing a controlled substance, maintaining a dwelling for use of drugs and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. After lining up for his mugshot, he was released on a written promise to appear in Moore County court on Thursday.

According to the Moore County Sheriff’s Office, the investigation started with a 911 call last Wednesday — placed by Hardy’s girlfriend who was worried that her boyfriend “was strung out on pills and needed help.” After coming across a secret safe containing several prescription painkillers, the police were able to obtain a search warrant. Unfortunately, Hardy was not home at the time of the raid, so the police were not able to make the arrest that day.

This is Hardy’s third arrest is less than a month. Just last week the 36-year-old wrestler was arrested for driving while intoxicated, and before that he was arrested for DWI after his vehicle ran off the road and struck a tree. After his second DWI arrest, he released a heartfelt YouTube video, explaining that he’s enrolling in a 3-month rehab program paid for by the WWE, as part of its former talent rehabilitation assistance program.

Hopefully this latest arrest will be enough motivation for him to follow up with that promise because he definitely needs to take rehab seriously. He is on quite the downward spiral right now and it’s only a matter of time before he seriously harms himself and those around him.

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