Michael Phelps mugshot and DUI arrest

Michael Phelps is at it again, posed for another mug shot. Known for his slithering through water at record speeds and donning more metal around his neck than Mr. T, Phelps was busted for the second time for the same offense, driving under the influence.


The 29-year-old Phelps had been out gambling just prior to his arrest. ad when pulled over by the police was said to have a blood alcohollevel almost twice the legal limit. According to reports, officers said Phelps’ eyes were “red, bloodshot and his speech was mush mouth.” Phelps admitted having “3 or 4 drinks” at the “Horseshoe” Casino where he was gambling during the night. 

Years ago, many turned their heads when M.P. made the cover of paparazzi driven magazines that featured he and his bong.

But taking a hit with your homies isn’t an act that puts the public in danger like this latest fail by Phelps. But DUI kills. Look at the stats. And it appears USA swimming did.

USA Swimming on Monday reacted by slamming their gavel down hard! Suspending the 22-time Olympic medalist for six months and deciding the world’s most decorated swimmer can’t rep the U.S. in the world championships 10 months from now.

We hope this is a lesson for Phelps. Drink responsibly!

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