Elijah Dukes arrested for hitting pregnant ex-girlfriend

Former Tampa Bay Rays player Elijah Dukes was arrested on Wednesday in Florida and accused of hitting his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Along with having outstanding warrants for contempt of court and driving with a suspended license, he is now also being charged with aggravated battery. He was taken to the local county jail and is being held without bond until further notice.

According to the report, Dukes and his ex-girlfriend were arguing over money issues when things got out of hand. Instead of handling the situation like an adult, Dukes slapped her across the face several times and then fled to his mother’s house, where he was arrested without incident.

Although the woman did not suffer any significant injuries, Dukes will still be charged with a felony offense because she is pregnant.

The truly odd part of this story is that there is a debate on whether or not the baby is his. The mother insists that Dukes is the father, but Dukes’ sister told reporters that her brother “can’t have kids anymore” because “he’s fixed.” And therein lies your motive. Now we’re not saying that Dukes is guilty, all we’re saying is that we can see how a money argument could arise from this situation. Not only that, but based on Dukes’ past, it’s highly possible that he did in fact lay a hand on her.

Back in 2007, Dukes was accused of threatening his estranged wife and the lives of their children. She received court protection after it was revealed that he had sent threatening messages to her and a picture message of a handgun.

Just over a month later, a 17-year-old foster child accused Dukes of impregnating her. When the girl tried to confront him about the pregnancy, he allegedly became angry and threw a gatorade bottle at her.

So far, Dukes has been arrested at least three times for battery and once for assault. And according to court records, he has fathered at least five children with four different women between 2003 and 2006, and was arrested last year for failing to pay child support.

Knowing all of this, it’s hard to imagine that this incident went down a different way. He obviously has some serious anger issues, so hopefully this arrest will lead him to help. If not, then he’ll be looking at a long time behind bars.

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