Bearcat mascot handcuffed and arrested

The University of Cincinnati Bearcat mascot felt more handcuffed than his team during their 28-10 loss to Pittsburgh yesterday when Nippert Stadium police cuffed and dragged him away, charging him with cited for disorderly conduct .

M. Robert Garfield, 22 years old, “lost his head” during the arrest and is identified as a senior at the university and a 2009-10 senior class officer.

According to reports by Cincinnati media, police chief Jeff Corcoran said Garfield was heaving snowballs into the stands and when asked to stop he pushed one of the officers. Moments later, two officers had him pinned to the ground and threw on the cuffs.

Like a starting player going down, UC called on their fill-in mascot to finish the game. According to the school this is the first known arrest of Bearcat.

Prior to the arrest, Bearcat was at the top of the standings in the Capital One 2010 Mascot Challenge.

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