Kevin Grady scores second DUI

Kevin Grady, a former running back for the Michigan Wolverines, was arrested and charged with a DUI at 10:24 pm on November 26th in Grandville, Michigan.

The former high school standout failed the breathalyzer test and blew nearly four times the legal limit with a 0.30 blood-alcohol level. Despite the evidence against him and the possibility of serving one year behind bars, this hardheaded fool has chosen to plead not guilty.

This marks the second strike for Grady as he has now been arrested twice for driving while drunk, both happening within two miles of each other. Clearly, consistency is not this young mans problem.

Back in 2008, he was arrested for operating under the influence and scored an impressive 0.24 on the breathalyzer test. Needless to say, this was far beyond the .08 limit and caused him to be suspended from the Wolverines team and seemingly marked the beginning of the end of his football career.

Once a highly touted high school recruit, Grady is now falling in the footsteps of such fallen stars as Reggie Rogers and Jerramy Stevens, who are more notorious for their off-the-field mishaps than their on-field contributions.

As a backup to Mike Hart for his first two years at Ann Arbor, Kevin Grady’s college career began to fizzle after undergoing season-ending surgery in 2007. The year after that he pled not guilty to drunk driving and the rest, as we like to say, is history.

Along with trying to justify blowing a 0.30, Grady also has to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings three times a week and somehow scrounge up the money for a lawyer. Which might not be as easy as it sounds because before he posted the $500 bond, Grady informed the police that he was unemployed.

Sadly, this story is like many we’ve heard before, but it just goes to show you that god-given talent does not outweigh stupidity. Look for this guy to change his mind when he sobers up and switch his position to guilty as he did with his first arrest.

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