Atlanta Thrashers mascot arrested, sort of.

At 8:10 this morning, the Atlanta Thrashers mascot, Thrash, was arrested for driving a Zamboni down the Atlanta interstate. The 25 mile trek from the team’s practice facility to their arena in downtown Atlanta, was a way to draw attention to the Thrashers recent success on the ice.

Thrash was arrested and booked at the Gwinnett County Courthouse and will only be released if the Thrashers are able to sell 5,000 additional tickets to the remaining December home games.

Even though Thrash is the guilty one, the real criminal here is the person behind this terrible publicity stunt. The video, shown here, has worse acting than the movie Glitter and their creativity was about as low as can be.

If the team executives wanted people to take their hockey team seriously, then they shouldn’t have interviewed an eyewitness whose name is ‘Whitt Gness’.¬†They might as well have just called him ‘Notareal Person’ or ‘Wethinkthis Ishilarious’.

Although Thrash is probably sitting at his home right now and watching himself on the local news, we think that it would be a great idea to keep him behind bars to teach his team a lesson. If they really wanted to sellout the rest of their December home games, then they should have had one of their star players arrested. At least then people would want to free him from prison. Who wouldn’t fork over 40 bucks to get Dustin Byfuglien back on the ice?

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One Response to “Atlanta Thrashers mascot arrested, sort of.”

  1. No, I know the other ex-Blackhawks players as well. Big Buff just so happens to be leading the Thrashers in points and everything else this year. The man is a beast.