Former Ray’s prospect caught with cocaine

Former Tampa Bay Ray’s prospect Cristian Vasquez Martinez was caught smuggling six pounds of cocaine into New York from a Dominican Republic flight on June 29th.

He was arrested after customs officials searched his suitcase and found four “unusually heavy” pairs of shoes, which turned out to have $138,000 worth of cocaine stuffed into the soles. The picture you see featured in this article shows those shoes and was taken directly from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. And the search was the result of a random check when the officials discovered that Martinez’ visa was invalid.

The 21-year-old pitcher was part of the Tampa Bay Rays system in the Dominican Republic until he was released last month for “poor performance.” And based on the fact that this arrest is quite serious and that he was released from the team before all of this happened, we highly doubt that we will see Martinez in an MLB jersey ever again.

This arrest is just the latest mark on the Rays organization, who have been fortunate enough to know when to cut ties with their troubled players. Back in May, former Ray Elijah Dukes was arrested for aggravated battery, after he was accused of hitting his pregnant ex-girlfriend. So even though the franchise players have been able to stay somewhat clean, the Tampa Bay name certainly has had it’s fair share of legal issues.

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