Wisconsin wrestlers arrested for “penis swinging”

What happens when a group of wrestlers surround a teammate and whack him with their penises?

Sometimes police reports are filed and people are arrested like in this case…you can see the “swinging dicks” police document below.

Lincoln High School is the Wisconsin state wrestling champion and a formal complaint was filed after a core of their players were allegedly sexually harassing one of the freshman on the team, “dancing around him while they are naked, swinging their penises at him.”

The alleged victim told police he was harassed by the barrage of wieners “about five to ten times” during the season and said on one occasion one of the offenders “placed his penis on [the victim’s] butt.” That’s a special note for those who may want to debate if guys wearing spandex outfits while getting each other in doggy style positions is a little on the gay side.

After time went on, it appears once the freshman “had to climb into a locker” to prevent being hit in the face by one of the schlongs, he went to police.

Arrested for disorderly conduct in the incidents were Zachary S. Benitz, 18, Kasey D. Einerson, 17 and Rylan L. Lubeck. The charges carry a maximum penalty of 90 days behind bars and a $1,000 fine.

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