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PGA Dustin Johnson arrested for DUI (POLICE VIDEO)

PGA golfer Dustin Johnson was arrested and charged with DUI on March 30, 2009 after police yanked his SUV to the curb for a routine traffic violation.

The officer who pulled Johnson over approached him then determined there was suspicion to believe the second-year pro was over the limit…and by the looks of this police cam video below, they have a strong case.

Johnson spent some time behind bars before posting his bail that was rumored to be set at around $2,000.

The 24-year-old Johnson who lives in the Myrtle Beach area is currently ranked No. 9 in the FedEx Cup standings and No. 40 in the world.

This is at least the second run in with police for Johnson. In 2001 he was involved with a group of teens who stole a gun. Johnson later was determined to be the buyer of the bullets for the weapon that may have been used in a murder.

Johnson agreed to testify against the shooter who was an older brother of a friend of his and helped put the killer behind bars for life.

Might be time for this dude to start hiring a cab or limo to drive him around.

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