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K-Rod pleads guilty to avoid jail time

Earlier this morning, Francisco Rodriguez (K-Rod) pleaded guilty to opening a can of whoop-ass on his girlfriend’s father, Carlos Pena, and will now undergo 52 weeks of anger management, instead of facing time in jail.

In order to stay out of prison, Rodriguez needs to complete his treatment, which includes both one-on-one and group sessions. The classes have been split up to work around his baseball schedule and involve a step-by-step completion process. If he fails to complete the steps by the specified dates, he will be thrown in jail for 120 days.

Along with this order, Rodriguez also pleaded guilty to two counts of disorderly conduct for sending 56 text messages to his girlfriend, Daian Pena, after the judge specifically told him not to contact her. Since K-Rod couldn’t keep his hands off his phone, he now has to stay away from the Penas for two years. That includes Daian’s father, who Rodriguez has to pay an additional $14,444 worth of medical bills for.

Ever since this arrest took place, K-Rod has been on an uphill battle to repair his image and his hand, which he injured on Carlos Pena’s face. He ended up tearing a ligament in the thumb of his pitching hand and has been riding the pine pony from that day on.

He has admitted to anger management problems and is reportedly making progress with his pitching, but is still miles away from being the All-Star pitcher that he used to be. The good news is that Rodriguez plays for the New York Mets, so it’s not like it really matters if he sucks anyways.

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