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Matthew Barnaby arrested for DWI

Former NHL enforcer and ESPN hockey analyst Matthew Barnaby was arrested Monday morning in Clarence, New York, and charged with driving while intoxicated.

After having his car impounded, Barnaby was taken to the Erie County Sheriffs Department and released to the custody of his attorney after being issued a summons to appear in court.. The mugshot featured in this article is from a previous arrest, but we will update it as soon as his new one becomes available.

According to the reports, Barnaby was arrested around 3:15 a.m. after he was spotted driving erratically without a front tire, causing sparks to shoot out from the rim. When police arrived, Barnaby was promptly given a field sobriety test, which he failed, and after refusing a breathalyzer test, his driver’s license was immediately revoked.

So far, no court date has been set, but this is not Barnaby’s first run-in with the law this year. Back in May, he was arrested in a  “domestic violence” incident involving his estranged wife and her friend, where he entered a plea of not guilty and was sentenced to community service.

However, as part of his plea agreement, those charges were scheduled to be dismissed, if Barnaby could stay out of trouble for a year. But according to Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita, those charges could come back into play, and Barnaby could now face multiple misdemeanors because of this most recent arrest.

Following this news, ESPN decided to end its contract with Barnaby, who had been an NHL analyst for them since 2008, stating:

“We spoke with Matthew and informed him that we terminated his contract, effective immediately.”

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Matthew Barnaby arrested in a ‘domestic violence’ incident

ESPN analyst and former NHL enforcer Matthew Barnaby was arrested Friday night in a domestic violence incident involving his ex-wife and a female companion in a suburb of Buffalo, New York. He was taken to the local Amherst prison, where he posed for the mug shot shown here, and spent the night in order to address the court in the morning.

On Saturday morning, Barnaby pleaded not guilty to five charges, including: criminal mischief, criminal trespass, criminal contempt, harassment and aggravated harassment. He was released under a conditional obligation and ordered to stay away from his estranged wife and the other adult female.

As of right now, the details surrounding the arrest are unknown, but several sources are claiming that the domestic incident involved some very serious physical threats and possibly some light contact. When the police arrived to the home, after receiving a phone call from presumably one of the ladies, they found considerable damage to the home, but saw no signs that the ladies were physically harmed. In fact, the police lieutenant reported that no physical violence was involved at all.

Barnaby’s arrest is the second recent run in with the law for an ESPN analyst. Back in late March, NBA analyst Jalen Rose was arrested on a DUI charge and relieved of his duties with the network for an indefinite amount of time. Although the circumstances with Rose’s arrest are completely different than that of Barnaby’s, we assume some sort of disciplinary action will be taken by ESPN.

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