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NFL free agent Michael Thomas mugshot and arrest

Free agent NFL wide receiver Michael Thomas was arrested in Georgia on March 19. The list of charges are reported to include possession of a firearm or knife during commission of a felony, aggravated assault, obstruction of a law enforcement officer and cruelty to children in the 3rd degree.

According to KRMG’s website, Thomas was involved in a domestic dispute with a woman while a child’s birthday party was being thrown in the same house. According to the report, Thomas is accused of hitting the woman with open and closed fists.

Police said they heard screaming and yelling coming from inside the house as they responded. A police officer pulled a taser and ordered Thomas to the ground. Thomas complied and was arrested. That’s when cops found a 9mm gun on Thomas, thus the additional firearm charge.

Thomas, 29 years old, was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the fourth round of the NFL 2009 draft and suited up three and a half seasons for the team.

In is career, the wide out has played six seasons in the league for multiple teams, including the Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals with one stint in the Canadian Football league with the Toronto Argonauts. And a quick note here, this is not the NFL player Michael Thomas that plays for the Saints or the other that plays for the Dolphins. How many Michael Thomas’ this league have?!

The arrest occurred in Sandy Springs and his mugshot is shown here. For more athletes and sports figure’s mugshots, go to our Jocks Behind Bars mugshot gallery.

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Rams’ Ethan Westbrooks mugshot and arrest

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Rams’ Ethan Westbrooks mugshot and arrest

Sacramento police say that Los Angeles Rams’ defensive lineman, Ethan Westbrooks, was busted on Sunday night after accusations of domestic violence.

Cops say they were called to the 8700 block of Center Parkway at 9:06 p.m. Sunday regarding a dispute. After arrival, police said they saw visible injuries to a woman’s body.

The 26-year—old Westbrooks was not at the location so police went to another nearby residence on Clearbrook Way where they cuffed and booked the NFL player on suspicion of domestic violence. Westbrooks left the jail the following morning.

The Rams released the cliché statement that sounds like most of the others we’ve heard from NFL teams over the years,

“We are aware of the serious allegations involving Ethan Westbrooks. We are in contact with authorities and gathering more information. Per team policy, we will continue to respect the legal process and have no further comment at this time.”

Westbrooks is currently a free agent after playing in all 16 games last season for the Rams while tallying two sacks and 24 tackles.

Westbrooks’ mugshot is pictured here. For more sports arrests and mugshots, go to our Jocks Behind Bars homepage here.

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Ex-Cowboys player Randle arrested again

Former Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle was busted again, and cheesed for yet another mugshot.

Randle was at the party when an argument started then he was asked to leave. He did, but in the process he allegedly backed his Honda Accord into three people who were standing near the driveway.

None of the three were hurt but Randle later returned to the party and allegedly busted his way back in through a door.  That’s when cops were called and the troubled Cowboys’ player was arrested.

Randle, 24, was booked into jail on suspicion of three counts of aggravated battery and one count each of criminal damage to property and possession of hallucinogenics/marijuana.

Randle, who was cut from Dallas last year is collecting a string of mugshots.

He was busted in Texas earlier this month on a speeding warrant and back in November, he was arrested at a casino after an alleged altercation at a blackjack table in Kansas City.

To add to his laundry list of being cuffed, in October 2014 he was busted for shoplifting two pair of Polo underwear and cologne from a Dilliard’s store.

Seriously? You can’t pay for two pair of underwear after signing a $2.5 million NFL contract?

Get a grip, dude!

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Bernie Kosar mugshot and DUI arrest

CLEVELAND – Former Cleveland Browns QB Bernie Kosar was busted for suspicion of driving through the suburbs of Cleveland while hammered.

Police in a place called Solon, Ohio say Kosar was cuffed and brought in early Sunday morning after being pulled over to the curb for speeding at 2:45 a.m.

That’s when The Fuzz smelled a strong odor of alcohol and gave the pigskin slinger sobriety tests that he must have failed. Kosar was thrown behind bars, booked and later let loose after whatever his beverage of the night was had worn off.

Kosar, 49 years old, has been outspoken about the head injuries he sustained during his NFL career having affected his speech, making him slur his words.

So we’re thinking if he happened to greet the cop with a “Good evening ossifer Fife” type of line, the sluration could’ve been due to running into the Steelers freight train defensive line a few too many times.

ESPN reported that Kosar has also been addicted to pain medications, has gone through a divorce and had financial troubles; hardly the type of life you’d expect a successful NFL quarterback to have after leaving the field.

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Ben Roethlisberger’s accuser told authorities she told the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback ‘No, it wasn’t okay’ and that ‘Ben came back with his penis out of his pants’. It’s all right here in her statement she made to the Milledgeville police in Georgia. For 21 additional documents related to this investigation, go to The Smoking Gun website.

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