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Samaki Walker arrested on drug charges

Former NBA player Samaki Walker was arrested Thursday night in Arizona for possession of marijuana and liquid steroids. He was released on Friday night after posting his bail, and is being charged with destruction of evidence, possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and prescription drugs.

His mugshot was taken at the Mohave County Jail and according to the Kingman Justice Court records, Walker does not yet have an attorney.

From the reports, it seems that Walker was pulled over during a routine traffic stop, and attempted to eat eight grams of marijuana before the officer approached the vehicle. Unfortunately, that did not work out in his favor, but it did convince the officer to conduct a search of the vehicle.

By the end of the search, the police had seized approximately 10 grams of marijuana, 259 prescription pills and eight bottles of liquid steroids (which Walker explained were legal in Syria, where he currently plays professional basketball). Sadly, though, this incident occurred in Arizona, where the drug remains illegal, so this excuse was irrelevant.

Although Samaki Walker spent 10 years in the NBA, and even won a title with the 2001-2001 Los Angeles Lakers, he was never really able to live up to his expectations. He played college ball at the University of Louisville and was a first-round draft pick by the Dallas Mavericks in 1996, but bounced around the league for several years before an injury ended his NBA career.

Fortunately, for him, though, we don’t think Al-Jalaa Aleppo will cut him from their squad. After all, he did help them win the Syrian D-1 championship in 2008. You don’t just get rid of ta

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